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Dropbox Paper launched as set of collaborative tools for teams

Chris Burns Oct 15, 2015


Dropbox Paper launched as set of collaborative tools for teams

This week the folks at Dropbox have turned the switch on for Paper, the final name for the until-now-beta release of “Notes.” What was Notes now becomes officially “Paper”, and the invites are beginning to be sent. Paper is a set of collaborative tools for teams that work on the internet and off – and though there’ll be software for smart devices in the future, Paper will launch first as a web app only. Paper looks sort of like a blog – a very simple layout with the ability to display files that you upload, shared with people you allow to see it.

Inside Paper you’ll find a list of “Docs”, a set of Folders, and a list of people you are Following. You can set a list of Favorites to mark which files or folders or people you visit most often, and you’ll have your own profile just as you would with any other social networking sort of site.

Don’t mistake Paper for a social network, however, as it’s not meant (on the surface) to be anything like services like Tumblr or Twitter. It’s a slightly more private affair.

Inside Docs, users will find several tabs. Recently edited documents, a tab for documents the user has created, documents shared with the user, and a Deleted tab. Just like Gmail, items you delete aren’t really deleted until you really, really want to delete them entirely.


Inside a Doc you’ll find text. You can edit the text, you can make the text bold or italic. That’s about it – for now. You can insert documents like photos or videos, and you can download documents. Much like the standard Dropbox system.

Dropbox has a landing page for Paper at paper.dropbox.com where users can sign up for the waitlist to get to use a new Beta for the program. According to Wired , “Paper is expanding today from a few thousand people to a few thousand teams, but won’t be widely available for a while.”

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Ryhan Hassan

Posted Feb 10 – Read on Facebook

Hey folks, I just added a Framer integration to Dropbox Paper, and wanted to invite you all to try it out.

As of today, if you paste in a link from Framer Studio, we’ll automatically create an interactive embed of your prototypes. This makes it super easy to organize and give context around your prototypes, as well as share and get feedback from your team.

Hope you enjoy 🙂


Sergey Voronov

looks like feature is not available anymore?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah I’ve been having issues with it too.

Viral Jogani

Ooh this is sick! Much more potential than Google Docs

Taylor Rogalski

Ed Chao

this is the future guys.


Forces. Combining.

George Kedenburg III

Chris Conover

Yes! Love this.

Ryan Gonzalez

OMG this is awesome

Dave Gamache

This is crazy rad man. Good work.

Samrous Don

good friend

Josh Puckett

<3 this, but I wouldn’t trust whoever made that prototype 😉

Achal Varma

Straight 🔥🔥🔥


This is soooo rad!!! 😍

Guy Gunaratne

What. This is so dope.

Adria Jimenez

Amazing! Thanks

Andrew Nalband

OMG, Paper is so nice

Ash Huang


Brain Rush

Now if I could only get off the Paper waitlist so I could try…

Jorn van Dijk


Danny White

Hey, is this still supported? Can’t seem to get it to work, even with multiple public prototypes

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August 16, 2018

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