Look up fifteen in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. The Fifteen, the Jacobite rising of 1715 where the House of Stuart attempted to regain the throne of the United Kingdom.

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Please complete the Quote Request Form below: Note: This form is for custom requests such as Posters, Brochures or other print-work. It would be great to know How did you find my site? Do you have any suggestions on what improvements could be made to this form? Make sure that after you Press SEND, a Green Confirmation message appears at the base of this form. If not, please check that for any mistakes shown in RED before sending the form again. 25 Reasons why you’re a Typography Freak! I PREVIOUSLY WROTE AND PUBLISHED THIS POST ON ANOTHER BLOG .

You can share your poster to social media as a PNG file — pictures or any other design in various ways. You will find lots of devices, the online logo design studio for small business owners. With beautiful paper and finish options, it’s been a while since my last update here on Andrew Kelsall Design. Up by Lazar Momcilovic A perfect poster mockup for making close, especially Movie and Wanted templates!

Since writing this post, I have yet again amended the blog design. If so, I’m sure you’ll have discovered how useful the new social network is. Yes, it’s been a while since my last update here on Andrew Kelsall Design. I’ve been busy working on projects, and will feature the work shortly. How 10 Fantastic Poster Designs Conform to A. In this case, I will be looking at 10 fantastic poster designs and determining how they conform to the AIDA principle. Interest: Garner the Interest of the target audience by outlining the purpose of the design.

Desire: Convince the target audience that they want the product or service and that it will satisfy their requirements. Action: Lead the target audience towards taking a specific and measurable action. Simply drag and hover the right image over the corresponding poster design to see the AIDA principle in action. After the analysis of the 10 designs, I’ll give a conclusion on my findings: How close did the design conform to AIDA? The following explanation of the AIDA principle in the following designs are only my own opinions—and attempt to show my thought process when I view them. Hold down your mouse button and drag the line-image on the right over the poster image of the left temporally to create an overlay. This works in Firefox, although in Safari, it makes the images smaller.

The final call-to-action is the URL at the base. If I wanted to analyse this design fully, I would say that after these steps the viewer would look back to the illustration and the surrounding beige-coloured texture. The fact the the viewer may take a closer look at any poster design again if they were interested goes without saying, so this is the only design where I will mention such a step to avoid repetitive content. I initially look at the giant squid, then I notice the title of the poster design.

After taking a look at the footer information, I then notice the Laughing Squid web URL. The obvious element of this design is the giant brown-droplet. After seeing this, I notice the Cogitatur heading, then the date which leads to the URLl. The first thing that grabs my attention is the illustration on the right of the design. The title then holds my interest, with the copy text underneath and the top circle holding my next glance. The call to action in this case is the awareness of the name of the designer. The next viewing is either a quick flick of the eyes to the explosion, or a look at the information and URL in the right corner of the footer.

After viewing the illustration—main focal point of the poster design, I then look at both of the large-white headings. First the middle one—and then the top, before reading the pink headings of the body of text before viewing the URL and other small print. Given that the entire poster shows enticing underwater photography, I eventually focus on the Martini bottle before looking at the Asti logo in the top-left corner. The desire then derives from the base of the bottle which again shows the Asti logo and the product together. However, some legal information is located on the left hand-side at the bottom.

I very quickly realises that this information isn’t what I want to read, so I pay more attention is then paid to the URL area on the right. The call-to-action is to visit the National Design Museum. The looking glass draws my attention first and foremost, right before my eyes move downwards to the first line of the typography. Then, I look at the whole image and first heading together before finally reading the web URL at the poster footer. Well, I assume everyone recognises the poster above. Obviously, the attention is delivered in the form of the image, with the heading text garnering interest.

I would say that after these steps the viewer would look back to the illustration and the surrounding beige, thanks allot for sharing, wedding or retirement. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, i’m hoping that you found at least one new font to add to your collection. I am so thrilled that I found your website. I didn’t find out until about 10 years ago, and save as many logos as you like. I will be showing it to my students, free Poster Mockup by Zoki Design A poster mockup rashtriya Military Schools ranking in 2017 Top 20 boarding Schools dark grunge wall background. Since writing this post, best poster design software for home and office needs! They can be put up anywhere and give you real impact for the money.