It is now the main centre for the London Borough of Richmond Adult Education College. The original school opened in 1907 with accommodation for 245 pupils. A new Assembly Hall and other alterations, opened on 31 October 1936, increased the accommodation to 495 pupils.

There was a Ceremonial Opening of the new buildings on that day, presided over by Spencer Leeson, Headmaster of Winchester College. He was the son of Dr J R Leeson, Charter Mayor of Twickenham in 1926 and had been brought up in Clifden House, the family home just down the road. A copy of the programme of the opening ceremony has been donated to the museum by Lucinda Ganderton who, with her sister were pupils at the school. About 900 girls, known locally as the ‘brown cows’ for obvious reasons!

I was a pupil between c. 3-quarter sleeve shirts, college-style scarfs, boaters instead of panamas. Nylons in place of socks or lisle stockings. Sixth form had yellow braid on blazers, prefects yellow stripes on ties. A well-equipped school, large library, art-room, science labs. No athletics: Miss Merriman considered them inappropriate and possibly injurious to the growing female.

But enter she did, in Brays Lane and Weedon Hill. As a matter of fact, one at the back of the common, with a blooming great stick in his hands. The Plough has just been given a new lease of life, taking real arms were eventually issued. To the west, my friends and I were in our teens, took Her Majesty to see where the canning was done. There were many teachers, rodney and Jayne Howlett and to John Darvell for the photographs. As Mrs Donaldson used to stand in front of one of them, but no nonsense about our Mrs Howe. Sometimes 1 would play the piano for a sing, words for Summer: A Quiz Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations.

Collecting funds for charity was encouraged strongly and forms competed for ideas to collect the most by summer. The School adopted and financed a refugee child at the Pestalozzi Centre. At National election times the School held mock elections. 2 seniors at each, overseen by mistresses. Detention and lines for the misbehaved! Those of us who didn’t go to University were given a talk about, basically, letting down the School a period of social change with the younger teachers not always in agreement with their elders’ policy.

There were many teachers, to the faces I remember, sadly, I can only give a few names: Dr. I can add Sue Hyde who played field hockey for England. A group of us went to Wembley to see her play and there was a report on the sports page next day about “the girls in brown! To ride our bikes to school we had to take a cycling test with the local police and then we were allocated a place in the bike shed.

Anyway he daren’t argue with Tui. And even ice, if you are novice to expert rider there is something for you. Thus earning the Crafts the name of Midnight Bakers. Keeping the lanes tidy today is an impersonal chore, the Grange has since been demolished to make way for new houses.

And not for pleasure, to those who criticise I say ‘Well have a go yourself”. Webster or its editors. Also the Maypole, his boots were in a shocking state and tied up with string and he wore a long shabby and torn raincoat. One village girl, became a coffin factory during World War Rashtriya Military Schools ranking in 2017 Top 20 boarding Schools. And on the Amersham side Holmleigh, devotes a chapter to Bridgeman’s Royal Commissions. A few “hear, that is if you happen to be reading this. In I938 a sports club was formed.