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afghanistan islamic emirate voice of jihad daily news from front,

Fundamental facets of the Afghan puzzle
Monday, 23 January 2012 16:15 – like any other problem, the one in Afghanistan also has different facets or sides of which the two most important and fundamental are the foreign and internal ones. The foreign facet is important because our beloved country (Afghanistan) is occupied

by one hundred and fifty thousand foreign invaders. Thousands of its real sons are languishing in Guantanamo, Bagram and the other secret and disclosed prisons of the invaders. The occupying forces, without any legal permit martyr innocent Afghans and raid their homes at night. Neither does or can the stooge Kabul administration halt this and nor does the rest of the world. So it becomes clear that the solution to this problem lies in this starting point meaning the bringing about the end of the foreign occupation. How will the Afghan detainees be quickly released from prisons and how will the persecution, tyranny and blind bombardment of Afghans by the foreign troops be ended. The solution to both of theses problems lies is in the hands of the foreigners. The second facet is the internal one which of course is also a very critical aspect because in it the Afghans must reach an understanding on how to develop the country and bring about peace and stability.

The Afghans can reach this understanding very easily since they share a common religion, culture and language. So due to this, the internal facet is not as problematic as the foreign facet. Every Afghan who holds dear the religion, independence, prosperity, national unification, peace and stability of this country will strive to find a solution to this problem while keeping the social interests in mind. In other words, the mentioned points are common points on which all can agree. Regarding this, the leader of Islamic Emirate, the esteemed Commander of the Faithful, Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid said the following on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr 1432:

“Our manifesto is that Afghanistan should have a real Islamic regime which is acceptable to all people of the country. All ethnicities will have participation in the regime and portfolios will be dispensed on the basis of merits; will maintain good relations with regional and world countries on the basis of mutual respect, Islamic and national interests. Such dispensation will entirely focus on conduits to recover the spiritual and material losses that have been caused by the three decades-long war. Since Afghanistan has vast arable land, rich mines and high potential of energy resources, therefore, we can make investments in these sectors in conditions of peace and stability and wrangle ourselves from the tentacles of poverty, unemployment, backwardness and ignorance, which give rise to other social and economic problems.

Contrary to the propaganda launched by the enemies, the policy of the Islamic Emirate is not aimed at monopolizing power. Since Afghanistan is the joint homeland of all Afghans, so all Afghans have right to perform their responsibility in the field of protection and running of the country. The future transformations and developments would not resemble the developments following the collapse of communism, when every thing of the country was plundered and the State Apparatus damaged entirely. Contrarily, strict measures will be taken to safeguard all national installations, government departments and the advancements that have been occurred in private sector. Professional cadres and national business men will be further encouraged, without any discrimination, to serve their religion and country”

So keeping in mind the above statements, it is the duty of every Afghan to first focus on the foreign aspect of this problem and then the internal one. While keeping away from the past mistakes, they should give preference to the Islamic and national interests instead of their own personal interests and play a positive role in ending the current ongoing crises. Wasalm.

Courageous shop keeper stabs 2 invaders to death
Thursday, 26 January 2012 17:16 Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, Jan. 26 – Reports arriving from Helmand province indicate that in the later afternoon time today, a courageous shop keeper in Sangin district bazaar (Jalat Khan, the resident of the district’s Sarwan Kala and the nephew of Maulawi

Ghulam Muhammad Sahib) stabbed to death 2 US invaders as the enemy foot patrol was passing in the area.

Witnesses from the scene say that they themselves saw Jalat Khan, a strong young man walk up to a butcher shop, grab a sharp knife, walk up to the 2 invaders and stab them to death in the district bazaar, adding that the courageous hero was later arrested by civil order police and taken to a nearby base of foreign invaders.

Last Updated ( Friday, 27 January 2012 09:45 ) KUNAR, Jan. 28 – A severe fighting was reported in the eastern Kunar province today. The fighting started following an attack by Mujahideen on aimed at the enemy’s foot patrol in Watapur distric [ … ], Jan. 28 – At least 4 puppets were killed and wounded in Sheikh Amir district of Khost province when their vehicle got blown apart in IED blast last night, a Mujahideen official said on Saturd [ … ] KUNAR, Jan. 28 A dozen of the NATO invading troops are reported to have killed and wounded in a clash with Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in Khas Kunar district of the province on Saturday, whil [ … ] NANGARHAR, Jan. 28 – Mujahideen of the Islamic attacked the enemy’s outpost in Bati Kot district of Nangarhar province on Saturday. A dozen of the puppets have reportedly sustained casualties., Jan. 28 – Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate clashed with cowardly US troops earlier today in the region between Matki and Bari Gul areas, Nad Ali in which the enemy suffered deadly casualties w [ … ], Jan. 28 – Mujahideen from Gerimsir district say that they blew apart a bulldozer of US invaders using an IED at 05:30 pm local time in Sarbandi area located near Hazar Juft Bazaar however t [ … ]

(note in no way shape or form do i support and agree or reverberate any info in this upload)


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By: mujahideenjihad (262.70)

Tags: islamic,emirate,afghanistan,elemara,voice,jihad,attacks,mujahiddeen,statistics,

Location: Afghanistan

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