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The World Wars: Trial By Fire



How many people died in the wars between 1914 and 1945?
More than 100 million people
What did Young Adolf Hitler want to do as a career?
To be an artist
What countries form into the Allies?
Russia, France, Great Britain, Japan, and the USA.
What countries form the Central Powers?
Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire
Why did Hitler join the German Army?
Because he wanted to be long and had no clear path in life.
While World War one is developing, who is the USA at war with?
Pancho Villa
Who is George Patton?
A US Army Captain
WHat does Patton use that is very revolutionary?
Motorized Warfare
In World War One there is one death every how many seconds?
15 seconds
Laid end-to-end, what could the Tranches do?
Cover 25000 miles (around the Earth)
What is the area between the trenches called? Why?
No man’s land because it was so deadly
What was Hitler’s job in the German army?
To be a messenger
Why does Winston Churchill want to go through Gallipoli?
To break the stalemate to get to Russia
What happens to Churchill because of the Gallipoli failure? What does he do next?
His credibility is questioned. He enlist in the British army.
What is the secret weapon that the Germans send to Russia?
When Joseph Stalin greets Vladimir Lenin at the station, what do the to start to plan?
An armed Rebellion
What does Russia do in 1917 after a Revolution?
Signs decree that Russia is out the war
What is Benito Mussolini’s job in the Italian Army?
To be a sharpshooter
What weapon does Germany use at Ypres?
Chemical Warfare (gas).
What president has kept America out of World War 1?
Woodrow Wilson
What was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s job during WWI?
Assistant Secretary of the US Navy
What did the Zimmerman Telegraph incourage Mexico to do?
Invade and attack the US
When does the USA enter the war?
April 1917
What technology did Patton use when the USA entered WWI?
Light Tanks
Does the USA join the allies or the Central Powers?
The allies
Why did Patton travel to No Man’s Land before the invasion?
Because he was looking for a route for his tanks.
Douglas MacArthur came from a long line of what?
Military Men
What are some of the effects of mustard gas?
Effects the nervous system
What was the Allies’ goal in the "100 day offensive"? Were they successful?
The goal was to break down the german line and get control and yes, they were successful. (Thanks michael).
What happened to Hitler at the end of WWI?
He refused to accept defeat.
Who wins WWI?
What country was not invited to Versailles, France for peace negotiations?
When did Japan enter the war? How were they treated during the peace conference?
They were ignored and they entered the war February 24, 1914.
The plan shifts from ensuring peace to what?
Punishing Germany
How much is Germany ordered to pay to the Allies? When did they finally pay it off?
80 billion and they paid it off in 2010.
After returning from the war Churchill is re-elected into what?
MacArthur and Patton return home and begin doing what?
Training the next generation for the army
Mussolini returns to his job doing what?
Being a journalist
Mussolini organizes a group to do what?
To terrorize political opponents and prepare for revolution.
Hitler is assigned to infiltrate what political party?
The German Workers Party
What does Hitler end up doing?
Leaving german army and leading the National Socialists Party( Nazi Party).
What does Hitler design?
The Swastika
In October 1922, what does Mussolini do?
Leads rebels to take control of the government and makes the king give up the government to him.
Hitler is inspired by whom?
Mussolini taking over the king
What does Hitler try to do on November 8th, 1923? Was it successful?
To lead Nazis to take over Germany, but it was a failure.
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