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17th Sep 2007, 09:52

Does anyone have any links to a good " got a Text Message.." type of tone rather that the standard Beep,Beep currently used on most mobiles.



17th Sep 2007, 12:22
I heard a funny "broad Yorkshire" accent one last week in a pub.

"Ayup – tha’s got a message!"

I’m still looking for the link!

Background Noise
17th Sep 2007, 13:24
Try these – I like ‘message.wav’.

17th Sep 2007, 22:00
The standard "beep beep" is actually "SMS" in morse code …:8

DX Wombat
17th Sep 2007, 22:02
Mine actually does go "Beep beep" – letter "I" in Morse Code. There’s a great one around which shouts "Incoming!"

17th Sep 2007, 22:13
One of or pilots had one that said…..Answer your feckin’ phone….wish I had got it off him…..:ugh:

DX Wombat
17th Sep 2007, 22:17
Snappy, there are at least two versions of that around – very funny.

17th Sep 2007, 22:22
wish I could get my hands on it…..he left the company and I never heard the sound agin….shame….it would have suited me down to a T LOL

17th Sep 2007, 22:42
The best one I’ve heard is a wolf whistle….

Another good one is a chavvy voice saying: " Pick up the phone you dirty sl*g". :}

17th Sep 2007, 23:23
My daughter sent me one that says, in a Yoda voice, "Message from the dark side there is".

17th Sep 2007, 23:41
"You have new text message, high five!"
As spoken by Borat:ok:

Bob Stinger
17th Sep 2007, 23:55
Mine is , Warning warning bullshitter alert

18th Sep 2007, 10:14
Mine is a file from ‘Third Rock from the Sun.’
‘ "Transmission Incoming from the big giant head!"
"What, Again?" ‘
Also have one that starts saying ‘Message’ then gets louder until he is screaming it. One of my workmates has one from ‘King of the Hill’ – ‘Yay, I got mail, Yay.’
Also have some interesting ring tones, one is Reg Reagan from the NRL Footy Show saying "C’mon buddy, stop smokin the wacky weed and answer the friggin phone."

Howard Hughes
18th Sep 2007, 10:27
Mine is "you got cheesy poofs" from South Park…:ok:

Gaz ED
18th Sep 2007, 17:28
Mine is the "Chopper" Reid spoof saying:-

"Oy F8ckhead, you just got a text message!"

I keep it on vibrate most of the time…….

[edit (] Chopper Read (
Chopper Read

One of the few depictions of a real person, the infamous criminal Mark ‘Chopper’ Read ( (Franklin) appears as a special guest in various incongruous situations, such as reading a story for children a la Play School ( or calling numbers for bingo ( The humour in Chopper’s segments derives from his penchants for swearing and violence, as well as his lack of education, as demonstrated in the bingo sketch where he points out "I can’t even ****in’ count, and I’m gonna host bingo! It’s just like bloody dingo ( but it’s safer with your kids (, isn’t it?". Chopper also makes many threatening statements directed at Neville Bartos, a character based on a real person who the real Chopper allegedly shot before going to prison, but with whom Chopper is now good friends. Franklin’s portrayal of Read is as much based on the real Chopper as it is on Eric Bana’s ( take on the man, as portrayed in the 2000 ( Andrew Dominik ( film of the same name (
In the second season the sketches are performed from Chopper’s apartment and aren’t about Chopper with a new job every week. In one episode Chopper introduces a Puppet version of himself "Mini-Chopper" and teaches children about "Stranger Danger", and in a later sketch he sings the Nursery rhymes. In another episode aired in an earlier timeslot, he mentioned that due to TV censorship laws he was restricted to saying the word **** (****) 15 times per episode, and after exceeding the 15 word limit, the word was bleeped from thereon in.

18th Sep 2007, 21:06
I’ve got one from the game worms when you launch an airstrike. It shouts incoming and then you hear the plane fly over head and the bombs explode.

18th Sep 2007, 22:01
I have the Catchphrase noise.
"It’s good, but it’s not right".
Classic television. Ah. Nostalgia.

18th Sep 2007, 22:12
I’ve got the ‘Message for you sir’ from Monty Pyton – Holy Grail.
doesn’t work quite so well on a girlies phone though :bored:

Used to have the Catchphrase one myself, along with the incorrect answer sound from Family Fortunes

I know, very sad!

19th Sep 2007, 09:55
Currently I use "Infamy, Infamy. They’ve all got it in for me" by Kenneth Williams from Carry on Cleo (I think). I also use "…….spill the beans" from Life on Mars.

19th Sep 2007, 10:25
Currently I using the Spiderpig song from the simpsons movie. Always generates a laugh or two!!

19th Sep 2007, 11:48
Got a selection on my phone depending on the mood I’m in. A few are:-

Various from Fonejacker (TV Prog)
Michael Caine’s "Blow the b***dy doors off"
Monty Python’s "He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy"
Ozzy Osbourne telling me to answer my ******* phone
Whoop Whoop Pull Up
Rolf Harris and his wobble board

There are many more, but like I say, it depends on my mood


19th Sep 2007, 12:32
Found this link for MP3 tones….up towards the ‘O’ section (it seems to be going alphabetical) there is an……….." OI! D%&@head..answer your phone…" as mentioned above.

Did get the wife a singing ringtone with her name in the ringtone….should get her attention fron now on!!!


Ps… not too good on copying aceoss these links…hope it works

eastern wiseguy
19th Sep 2007, 13:12
I have "Uncle Junior" from the Soprano’s asking "If I wanna be a f*ckin’ funny boy now"

The Voice
19th Sep 2007, 20:33
Hey .. think my phone wants to do lunch with your phone! :}

I got the screaming message thingy on my phone – which is highly amusing until you’re passing thru’ airport security and ops wants you!

19th Sep 2007, 22:02
Ralph Wiggum – "Me fail english? That’s unpossible!"

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